Monday, 7 May 2012

Modern Feminist Icons: Gala Darling

Gala Darling is probably the absolute opposite of a stereotypical feminist - the word so many people love to hate. She wears high heels and pink sparkly dresses, she has long flowy hair and her everyday accessory is her friendly smile. But she is also one of the most powerful female bloggers on the internet and an inspiration to countless girls and women worldwide.

I discovered Gala's blog when I was about 15 and have been following it ever since. I was initially captivated by the more superficial aspects of the website, like posts about fashion and pink sparkly objects, but as I matured as a person (eh...), I began paying more attention to her articles about having faith in one's abilities and not changing who you are just to try to fit in. And thank god I did - not only is Gala a very skilled writer, she also has lots of creative advice on how to live one's life, which has been extremely helpful to me at certain points in the past. I find it very difficult to describe what fascinates me the most about Gala, so I will just let some of her articles speak for themselves. Covering topics ranging the art of performing a striptease and ridiculously fun date ideas to more serious things like 100 ways to start loving yourself right now, jealousy, maintaining your individuality in a relationship, being happy in this unforgiving world and the compatibility of feminism with a passion for fashion, Gala certainly has something to offer to everyone.

In February 2010, Gala started a project entitled "Radical Self Love". As is evident from its title, this movement's aim is to bring people - predominantly women, who make up the majority of Gala's readership - to love themselves and embrace who they are. What a positive message! In the following video, you can listen to Gala speak about her life journey and why she decided to launch this project:

I find her message incredibly positive and her approach to life extremely liberating. Reading Gala's blog makes me want to colour my hair pink and wear diamond-studded Louboutins to bed, while at the same time preaching equality of the sexes and talking about politics over a glass of Mai Tai. I think Gala is a fabulous role model for any and every woman trying to live her life to the fullest in this confusing, fast-paced world of the 21st century. In conclusion, here is the Radical Self Love Manifesto in all its glory. Start loving yourself today!

Source: Gala Darling

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